Happy Easter….kiss my…adorable new skirt  :) 

Vivian Chan Rosie Skirt

Natalie Deayala Boxy Crop

Jimmy Choo Shoes 

Lauren Merkin Bag

Loft Live in Pink Necklace 

becbecbobec: Thanks for the ride #inamustang @garethemery! Can’t wait to see your set tonight!! x

@becbecbobec: Q&A in 10?!!! At Coachella…#inamustang

becbecbobec: Wig caps and lashes today!! I feel like I’m back on Broadway! 

FOX Lounge: Becca and Kevin Confessions Of Two Streakers


It’s finally maxi time!  For those of you who have been busting your buts in the gym all winter, it’s time to show off those bods in this hot little number…

tbagslosangeles bodycon maxi

Sheriff & Cherry Sunnies 

Hard Couture Shark Tooth Necklace 


I can’t get over the fact that I actually got to meet the girl who plays Kitty Wilde on Glee at a freaking wedding of all places!

kittykatnejat En route to the reception! #reunitedanditfeelssogood #carlingtons